Apache Syncope 2.0.0 Dashboard
Take everything under control with the brand new dashboard in Syncope 2.0.0
23 Mar 2016

Success story: Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova
From proprietary to 100% Open Source for Identity and Access Management and Enterprise Portal
29 Feb 2016

1.2.7 (Intermezzo) released
The seventh maintenance release of Apache Syncope 1.2 is now available
18 Jan 2016


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Apache Syncope is an Open Source project at The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for managing digital identities in enterprise environments, implemented in JEE technology and released under Apache 2.0 license.

Tirasa is an Open Source company, active part of the ASF community and providing value add support and professional services around Apache Syncope. This is the enterprise support site for Apache Syncope, powered by Tirasa.

What is Identity Management

Identity management (or IdM) represents the joint result of business process and IT to manage user data on systems and applications. IdM involves considering user attributes, roles, resources and entitlements in trying to give a decent answer to the question bumping at every time in IT administrators' mind: Who has access to What, When, How, and Why?  [...]

Digital Identity

The electronic representation of a real-world entity. The term is usually taken to mean the online equivalent of an individual human being, which participates in electronic transactions on behalf of the person in question.  [...]




About this site

This is Tirasa support site for Apache Syncope, an Open Source Identity Manager at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Tirasa is an Open Source company providing value add support and professional services around Apache Syncope. Discover more.

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